Basketball is a sport that moves many emotions around the world, however we can say that where fanaticism is experienced with the most enthusiasm and intensity is in the United States.

Such is the case of March Madness, the best-known university basketball championship in the world, which brings together a large number of teams and from which, over the years, great talents have emerged from this sport. Today we’ll tell you more about it and why it is an unmissable sporting event.

      What is it?

The NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament is a tournament that brings together 68 university teams that play several games to see who will be the champion. The tournament is organized by rounds and in direct elimination matches. The draw (the famous bracket on which bets are made in the United States) is divided (with this nomenclature since 2007) into four regions: East, South, West and Midwest. From each region, with the matches in pre-selected neutral venues, a regional champion emerges who advances to the Final Four, , the semifinals and final from which the champion emerges and which is celebrated, as a grand finale, the first goal April week.

       Why is it so popular?

The event is very popular due to various factors, among which is the format it presents.

The number of teams and the fact that it is a knockout process makes it quite attractive to the public, it makes the pressures on the players incredibly great which makes them try their best and put on great shows.

Another point that makes it quite popular is the number of games played simultaneously, which gives the viewer multiple viewing options. Also the teams that seem not to be strong and that in the end achieve great positions, are another reason why some love to watch this event.

And you, are you ready for this new edition?

Written by jorge padron

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