In the field of collecting, it is well known that what always attracts the most attention is not something that could attract attention to those who do not know about collecting, and that is that, in the "weird" and less conventional, there is always the most attractive for the great collectors.

That was the case with Honus Wagner's T206 sports card, an unconventional card, which has been gaining a lot of popularity lately and was eventually sold at an incredibly high price: $7.25 million. Today we tell you the story about this mythical card and how it came to have that price on the market.

 The beginning

This card belonged to a collection called T206 that was later introduced to the market as a collectible piece between the years 1909 and 1909.


It had already broken a record in 2016 after being auctioned for 3.18 million until 2021, which again broke a record, positioning itself at the time as the best-paid sports card in the world with a value of 6.6 million dollars

Why is this card so popular?

Despite Honus Wagner's success as a baseball player, we don't believe the fact that he was successful on the field is the real reason for this card's great popularity. So, why is it popular then? 

Better known as "The Holy Grail", it gained popularity thanks to the small number of copies that were made and it is recorded that there are only 50 in the world. But there is a story behind this little production and that is that a tobacco company took the image of Honus Wagner without his authorization, so his discomfort caused that product to be withdrawn from the market, since he did not consider that it was going to match his ideals. There is always a great story behind broken records and this was no exception.

Written by jorge padron

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