The stadium is packed with fans, all eagerly waiting for the start of the big game. The energy in the air is electric, with the crowd buzzing with excitement and anticipation. The players emerge from the locker room, greeted by thunderous applause and cheers.

The game starts with a bang, with both teams playing at a blistering pace, trying to gain the upper hand. The action is fast and furious, with bone-jarring hits and lightning-fast passes. The fans are on the edge of their seats, cheering every play and holding their breath with every shot on goal.

This is how the beginning of this electrifying game was lived, here we tell you what this meeting left us.

First period

The game started. The weather that was experienced at the moment of the beginning was 8 degrees, The Blues were pressing the Wild until David Perron managed to break the 0-0 five minutes before the end of the first period, this after a rebound from Ryan's shot O'Reilly who hit a Wild player, David Perron immediately took advantage and took a shot to give his team the advantage. 

However, a few minutes later the equalizer would arrive, Kirill Kaprizov directed the puck into the net. Instead of going to its intended destination, the puck bounced off Niko Mikkola. Jordan Binnington was unable to stop the redirected puck and ended up in the back of the net.

Second period

Just under thirty seconds into the period, Jordan Kyrou scored to put the Blues ahead 2-1.  Vladimir Tarasenko was in charge of putting the Blues 3-1 over the Wild and thus more emotions were unleashed, with the arrival of the following score by the Blues, the game was becoming more interesting, the scores did not stop coming and the score was 6-2 at the end of this period in favor of the Blues.

Third period

The match was already entering the final part, there came a point at which the score was 6-5 and emotions reached the limit, adding much more suspense to the match, however the end came, and the Blues were crowned winners of the classic winter 2022.

This is how this year unfolded, a game that sparked a lot of excitement among the fans of the Blues and that made us hockey fans in general vibrate with emotion.

Written by jorge padron

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