The longing produced by the cards of yesteryear is incalculable. It is that all the aspects of those that, with their colors, textures, smells, project, are simply capable of transmitting us to our childhood times.

But not only childhood times are evoked when looking at a souvenir sports card. It is a trip, a walk to the past, a glimpse of what were the golden ages of all sports, it is a look at the most iconic sports stars.

That's a memorabilia card.

Beyond being a card or a collector's card, it is the tangible and portable memory that every collector treasures.

However, they are no longer perceived as previously described by all collectors today.

Due to the unstoppable advancement of technology, many of these cards began to be replaced by many new ones, from the same or from new athletes. Even exact replicas came out. But absolutely nothing can devalue what a true memorabilia card is.

Whoever the athlete is, however their information is distributed, whatever quality it may have, as long as the card is perfectly cared for, it will always hold incalculable emotional value; but also a monetary value that, for today, should not be underestimated.

Back to memory

Nat Turner, CEO and President of Collectors, indicates that, due to the pandemic, many young people and adults have been reunited with their childhood memories when they return to the house where they grew up. Perhaps for this reason, much has been said about the feeling of nostalgia, about going back to the early years and revaluing, above all, what a sports card can convey.

Written by jorge padron

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