Sports have always been characterized for attracting the attention of millions of people, converting many of them into loyal fans of sports teams or institutions, reaching the point of committing "crazy things" to possess something unique and highly representative of the athlete or team that they follow.

We recently saw the case of a vintage card of a world-renowned athlete, which was sold at the exorbitant price of 12.6 million dollars, causing great surprise in the sports field, and yes, we are talking about the legendary Mickey Mantle baseball card, but…

Who was Mickey Mantle?

Mickey Mantle was a baseball player, a switch-hitter with great power and one of the most popular players in the history of the American major leagues. He played his entire professional career for the New York Yankees.

How did this card gain its value?

Anthony Giordano bought Mantle's card for a record price in 1991: $50,000. He kept it hidden for three decades before taking it to Heritage Auctions, where it was auctioned at the price. Its value is due to its age and the perfect condition that it presents despite its years.       

For sports lovers, the best cards.

Sports are like that, they unleash many emotions, and if you are also passionate about sports and are looking for the best cards to collect, stay and we will tell you about some that we have in stock.

In the tennis area, we have stars like Roger Federer, with the 2003 Netpro Elite brand card, priced at $76.

In soccer, Robert Lewandowski, with the Panini Ekstraklasa brand card of the year 2008 with a price of 1,000.00 dollars.

In football, we have O.J. Simpson with a 1970 Topps brand card valued at $163.99.

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Written by jorge padron

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