Those cards that many children of yesteryear saw as precious toys to have fun, collect and exchange, are now many of those cards that are highly valued in the investment market.

Depending on the year in which it was manufactured and acquired, the card collection could become a good reason for investment.

And, to be honest, the sale of sports cards is quite a business, but is it really profitable?

General guidelines for investing

In the first instance, anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the world of investment must take into account what factors to follow so as not to throw their money into the water. Diversifying your investments is an essential guideline, this means that you must invest in different markets, in order to mitigate any risk of devaluation generated by a crisis or adverse situation. Thus, a small portion of the general investment can be defined in the investment of assets such as sports cards. Assets whose value can fluctuate at any time.

And what about volatility?

Because the vast majority of cards share a "standard" design (photo of the athlete, his biographical details and/or statistics), those that have something different, a differential advantage, are much more valued. This differential advantage or added value can be the athlete's signature, which translates as a guarantee that the card will have great value.

Purchase and sale of Cards

A final tip is that, before proceeding, consider it essential to do what you are doing at the moment: investigate. The more informed you are, the better. So you can make more responsible financial decisions.

Written by jorge padron

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