On many occasions, the factor of familiarity can be crucial for a collector to decide on what type of cards to collect. Guided by wonderful cards crowned with images of today's most renowned players whose glory is at its peak, today's collectors can get carried away and prefer, in many cases, new cards.

 On the other hand, vintage cards -those produced before 1980- have represented the greatest legends of the sport who have already retired and who, for the same reason, are rarely recognizable by today's collectors.

And this is something that causes a sense of concern in collectors of yesteryear, who, overwhelmed, watch today's cards being produced in huge numbers. Is it perhaps that quantity is above quality?

And it is that today's sports stars can have several hundred different cards, manufactured from time to time.

However, a true collector will not choose to collect those cards that are in fashion or in trends, but, after an exhaustive analysis, they will determine the quality of each one of the cards to define the style of their collection. Thus, over the years, the collection will be valued much more. 

This, just in theory, should include the best of both worlds: vintage cards that every collector should own -considering that, for most of the history of collecting, the most valuable cards have been the oldest cards, most notably the famous T206 Honus Wagner- and the current ones, with today's stars, to set precedents and broaden horizons.

After all, what is really going to matter is that the collector feels satisfied with his collection. And that should be enough.

Written by jorge padron

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