If you are a lover of sports and collecting sports cards, this article is for you. Card sorting may have been a source of happiness, as well as anger for many. This, because the rating that is given to them also defines the value of each card.

But how is a card actually rated?

Based on their quality, these can be:

  • Gem mint
  • Mint
  • Near mint to mint
  • Close to mint
  • Excellent mint
  • Great
  • Fine
  • Okay
  • Fair
  • Poor

This is an industry standard grading system. However, not all rating companies follow this system.

What factors can be taken into account?

In the first instance, do not assume. Don’t think that due to the age of the cards they will have a higher value, since age does not establish quality.

  • Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA)

Based in Santa Ana, California and with more than thirty years in the market, the Professional Sports Authenticator is one of the most recognized companies in the field. To his credit he has the qualification of more than 30 million cards, valued at several million dollars.

The PSA grading scale rates cards on a ten points scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being in Gem Mint (best) condition.

  • Sports Card Guarantee Company (SGC)

SGC is also a popular sports card grading company that, until a while ago, used the 0-100 numerical grading system, but has now started to use the same system that PSA uses.

  • Beckett Qualification Services (BGS, BCCG and BVG)

They are one of the most famous and respected rating companies in the world, known for providing superior quality sports sticker rating service.


Written by jorge padron

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