Sport card collecting is a popular hobby that involves collecting trading cards featuring athletes from various sports. This hobby offers a way for enthusiasts to celebrate their favorite athletes and connect with other collectors who share their passion. With a wide range of cards available, from vintage to modern and rare to common, sports card collecting offers endless possibilities for exploration and enjoyment. 

It is such a popular hobby that it has shows, festivals and more, among which is the famous Orlando Trading Card show which we attended and explored and today we will tell you everything.

        Our experience

The trading card show in Orlando is a large event that attracts collectors, enthusiasts, and vendors from all over the region and beyond. Upon entering the venue, visitors were greeted by rows and rows of tables displaying a wide variety of trading cards, from vintage to modern, sports to non-sports, and everything in between.

Attendees could spend hours browsing through the offerings, examining rare and valuable cards, and searching for elusive items to add to their collections. There was a buzz of excitement in the air as buyers and sellers would haggle over prices and swap stories about their favorite cards and players.

In addition to the cards themselves, the show also presented various related merchandise, such as card protectors, storage boxes, and other accessories. There were also panels or seminars featuring experts in the field, offering insights and advice on collecting, valuing, and preserving trading cards.

Overall, attending Orlando's biggest trading card show was a very exciting experience for us  with the opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts, discover new items, and deepen their appreciation for this popular pastime. We absolutely recommend everybody attend this show because it's amazing.

Written by jorge padron

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