An incredible hobby that has been inherited from generation to generation and that, today, is perceived by many people around the world, more than a hobby as an investment method to generate money.

It is not news that every certain stretch of the year, a new sports card comes to light, surpassing all records to position itself as the most expensive to be sold. In fact, until about a year ago, 13 trading cards were sold for no less than $1 million, which definitely generated a million-dollar profit for those who purchased them a few years ago.

But, as in any business, when investing in sports cards there are also several risks. Risks that, due to their unpredictable level of profitability, one day could position you at the highest peak of the wave, the same that the next day could simply collapse.

The question, which formulates itself, would be: how to start investing with the least possible risk? Here the secret lies in focusing on certain brands. Let's go with some guidelines.

Establish what terms we seek the return on investment

In the first instance, it’s necessary to establish whether the investment is going to consist of buying sports cards and then selling them almost immediately, in order to recover the capital and have a profit, even if minimal. All this in a short time.

If not, it must be established, otherwise, that it would be a long-term investment, which would consist of acquiring sports cards and keeping them stored (and in perfect condition, of course) for a long time, so that, if success accompanies the player and dismisses his playing days on the height of glory, these cards will multiply their value considerably.

Identifying undervalued sports cards

One point must be made very clear: the most profitable sports cards are not necessarily those that can be sold right now for a lot of money, but are those that are expected to increase in value.

For this, it's necessary to establish one premise:

Which players will be able to increase in value?

Knowing this, we will be able to establish which sports cards will increase in value anyway. This analysis should be based fundamentally on market studies and reports and, of course, on the expertise on the subject of sports of each investor.

The power of knowing how to choose brands

If we talk about sports cards, it's impossible not to mention Upper Deck, Panini and Topps. The last-mentioned brand is the oldest and thus dominates the longest-running cards, at least in baseball. Panini, for his part, is the one who has the leading role in other sports such as football and basketball. And Upper Deck is a leader in hockey cards

The big three brands when it comes to sports trading cards are Topps, Panini and Upper Deck. Topps has been around the longest and dominates older vintage sports cards and current baseball cards. Panini now takes the cake in many other sports, particularly football, basketball and soccer. While Panini's baseball and hockey cards are not licensed, they can also make a lot of money. Finally, the Upper Deck is the ideal place for hockey cards.

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Written by jorge padron

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