In the history of basketball there is a before and after of the one and only Michael Jordan, one of those athletes who are born every millennium and that many of us had the privilege of seeing in action, today we will briefly tell you about his sports and personal history.

His youth

Born in 1963 in Brooklyn, Jordan, the fourth of five children, was a scholarship student at the University of North Carolina in the 1981-82 season, where he majored in geography. During his first year he already had flashes of a superstar, even winning the award for best college player of the year, which is why he entered the NBA draft in 1984, being selected third by the Chicago Bulls, his first and unmatched love.

His beginnings in the big leagues

Jordan would begin his history in the NBA being a success since his rookie season, averaging 28.2 points per game, being quickly chosen as the favorite by the public, taking the Rookie of the Year award. Despite his exceptional debut in his second season, he suffered a foot injury that did not allow him to be an active participant in the Bulls' campaign, which would end up being eliminated by the Celtics.

For the 87-88 season he would win his first MVP, however he would be eliminated again this time by the Detroit Pistons Bad Boys, antagonists in Michael's main sports chapters even in the subsequent 88-89 season.

For the 89-90 season they were positioned as clear candidates for the title, however for the third time in a row, Detroit's led by Isiah Tomas, would stop their way to the title, generating serious questions within the Bulls who were once again overshadowed by the Pistons tough guys.

The positioning of him as a star

For the year 90-91 an angry Chicago Bulls swept the NBA league for the first time in 16 years with Jordan as MVP winning 61 games in total and defeating Magic Johnson of the LA Lakers in the final, thus starting the path to the first three -peat (three consecutive rings) and with Michael Jordan as MVP for 3 consecutive seasons.

The end of his career?

After these moments of ecstasy, and alleging that he no longer enjoyed the sport as before, Michael announces his first retirement from basketball, also seasoned by the painful death of his father and after having been crowned at the Barcelona Olympics with the American Dream Team. It’s there that he begins his baseball career signing a contract with the Chicago White SOX, where he would have a very discreet career in a branch of the team, deciding to hang up the bat to return to basketball.

A truly star forever

Only 3 words were enough to surrender the sports world at his feet again: “I am Back”. Thus, rejoining the Bulls in 1995 with number 45, which finally would not give him the same luck for that season, having a lower level than expected in him. For the following season, again with the number 23, and with a hellish summer preseason, Michael would start the road to a new three peat, getting the title that had been elusive for 3 years with a surprising level of Scottie Pippen and a Brian Williams. When the 97-98 season arrived, they overwhelmed the Utah Jazz in the historic final that had a result of 96-54, with Michael's historic phrases "If the rival is bad, you have to keep attacking him" winning a finals MVP and finally being crowned champion for the third time in a row being the final touch for a spectacular career, which would be resumed for a short period of time at the beginning of 2001, but which without a doubt cataloged him as the greatest banner in the history of basketball worldwide.

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Written by jorge padron

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