There are many questions that arise from collectors who immerse themselves in the world of collecting, and of course, also from old collectors... questions about whether they should buy hobby boxes or retail boxes, in terms of sports stickers. The truth is that, as in each of the situations linked to hobbies, everything will depend on certain factors.

A versus of budgets

First of all, it is imperative to take a look at the budget. Based on this, you will be able to define, in a certain way, the answer to the question posed lines above, by yourself. If your budget is, for example, $1,000, but the hobby box exceeds it by far, then a retail box will be the best option for you, which will probably cost considerably less. It is that, or firmly propose to save the right amount necessary to acquire the hobby box.

It all depends on the type of cards

A very important factor to also take into account is the type of card that the collector is looking for. Even when there are certain equalities between the two types of boxes, in a very general way, the hobby box has elements of greater excellence such as relics or original autographs. However, this is not necessarily something unique to the hobby box. Some retail boxes also have these virtues.

The heart of the matter placed at the center of the hobby box and the retail box lies in how much their characteristics can vary. Periodically, it can happen that a retail box can behave in a way that is even as generous as a hobby box. And this is something that must be mapped, with the aim of not discarding, without further ado, the possibility of obtaining a retail box, just because it is cheaper.

Some factors to consider before choosing

There are several criteria that must be taken into account before making a decision. Here are some of them so that, by being better informed, you can choose more assertively and consciously:

  • Points in favor of the Hobby Box:
    • They are complete relics: because they are aimed, for the most part, at the collector at heart, those who are looking for premium range products that may have autographs, brands or relics.
    • They are exclusive products: they are not abundant in the market and they are difficult to find (if we want to see it as a point in favor, almost nobody would have them). They do not have commercial versions.
  • Points against the Hobby Box:
    • They have a cost that, although it is fair, is also quite high.
    • They have a very low availability in the market and it is practically impossible to have a complete collection.
  • Points in favor of the Retail Box
    • They are much cheaper products: they come in large quantities and at very affordable prices.
    • They are much easier to find: it is possible to get the number of cards one needs.
  • Points against the Retail Box:
    • They do not have the differential value of having the premium touch. They are not autographed nor do they have any personal brand that raises their level.
    • Its useful life time is unpredictable, due to the quality of its material.

Both the hobby box and the retail box have their pros and cons; however, the purchase decision is absolutely up to the style of each collector. At Quantum Sports we are specialists in sports cards for collectors, visit us on Instagram through

Written by jorge padron

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