As in any hobby or profession, depending on the passion of the collector, at the beginning it’s important to know what things are essential to have a beautiful and extensive collection, that is why today we present you a kit that will help you successfully introduce yourself in the world of sports cards collection.

Have the right place

For this, it is essential that you have a place to store them, if it’s a folder with divisions and categories, better, so that you have them organized. Also, you should keep in mind that cleanliness and hygiene is a primary factor to maintain and increase the value of your cards, if at any time you decide to sell them or give them away, you will get a good payment in return.

A more careful organization and database

In the same way, to have an inventory of the details of your cards, I suggest you have an Excel database in which you place the main data of the cards, such as purchase price, date, character, series, among other important data that allow you to have at your fingertips your card details. If you don't want to build an Excel from scratch, you can download an application on your smartphone, where you can interactively have updated information on your collection.

It’s a collection, it must also be exhibited!

A display box will allow you to have your collectible cards as a decoration item in your home, so as a starter kit you could buy one and fill it progressively.

Keep them and take care of them from wear

Finally, you should get covers, if possible for several cards, that have the necessary dimensions, these can even be purchased from the same manufacturer of the cards, as well as a case, preferably waterproof that will guarantee the least possible wear and tear on your collection pieces.

Quantum Sports is a benchmark in terms of collectible cards, we have a wide variety of models, according to sport categories. Have you already visited us? 

Written by jorge padron

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