For lovers of collections, sports cards represent a great value due to their high potential to become relics if, by fate, we have the figure of a top-level athlete, so today we will show you some tips that will help you to preserve it almost in perpetuity, and -surely- will make the passing of the years invisible.

  1. Where to keep your sports trading cards to preserve them?

It’s important to know that the first step is to find a safe place to store them. This shouldn’t contain any type of external and much less internal contamination, you can use a laminated folder that will give you accessibility and eye-catching to be able to exhibit them; on the other hand, you can also opt for a box, in which you will lose the showiness, but you will gain secrecy and order by being able to classify them with labels. Also, if the cards are very valuable, we suggest you get high-durability plastic sleeves to reduce the risk of stains or scratches.

  1. Don't touch them too much, it's your collection!

In the same way, it’s essential that, to guarantee the care of your cards, they should be manipulated for the least amount of time possible, which is why you must choose an organization method according to the type of cards you use, so you can categorize them by sports, series, repeated cards, movies, and others.

  1. Don’t change places.

An important piece of advice is the organization, always keeping them in the same space, whether in your room, office or living room, will greatly help to mitigate the risk of suffering damage such as scratches, wrinkles or others.

  1. Separate a place for the missing ones.

As we already mentioned, the organization will be essential, in this case, that of the missing cards, those that due to fate are not yet in your collection but that you look forward to acquiring, must have their place reserved in order not to manipulate those that are already in your possession.

  1. Maintain cleanliness.

Additionally, you must be extremely careful with hygiene since with the passage of time or with handling, dust could adhere to your cards, which, if not removed in time, could become stains and irreversibly damage your collection. 

  1. Put labels on them to differentiate them

Labeling the cards you have, and listing them, can be of help to have the current number of your collection inventoried. In this way, you will have the cards you own at hand at all times and you will be able to find them easily according to the category you have chosen. 

  1. One last tip of care

And finally, as for all collectors, in order to give your style and transmit your personality to the folder or box in which you have decided to store your cards, lining with transparent vinyl will help make cleaning more practical and extend the useful life. of this accessory, in this way you will prevent it from breaking and having to move the cards from your collection to another folder one by one and you will also prevent them from being damaged or even lost.

Quantum Sports is a benchmark in terms of collectible cards, we have a wide variety of models, according to sport categories. Have you already visited us? 

Written by jorge padron

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