Premium Ultra Clear 9 Pocket Pages Pack of 100


Premium Storage:


Introducing Perfect Protection, the ultimate solution for protecting and organizing your precious card collections. With 100 packs of 9-pocket card page protectors, you can ensure that your cards are safe and secure at all times.

Each page can hold up to 9 cards of 2.5" x 3.5"(70mm x 95mm), providing a total of 100 pages that can hold up to 900 cards single sided or 1800 cards double sided. Adding or removing cards has never been easier!

Our card page protectors are made of PVC-free, acid-free, and archival-safe plastic sleeves that are designed to keep your cards in top condition. The non-stick material ensures that ink is not lifted or transferred to the binder sleeves, making it perfect for storing your cards in shelves, archives, safe boxes, or plastic boxes.

The crystal-clear finish of our protectors provides reduced glare, making it easy to view your coupon pages, ring binder card sheets, Pokemon cards, trading cards, baseball cards, sport cards, game cards, and more. You can enjoy your card collections without any hassle.

Our Heavyweight Trading Card Sleeves protectors are made of environmentally safe recyclable polypropylene and are odor-free. With a thickness of 3.2 mil, they provide extra strength and durability, ensuring your cards are well-protected for a long time.

Protect your cards with the best! Get your Perfect Protection today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your cards are safe and well-organized.



One-of-a-kind designs

Our iconic collection introduces two new design iterations- combination locks in 3 or 6 digits, as well as new bold colors that will make you pop, lock & drop it (literally).